Open International Masterclasses 2019

International Master Class "Academia Marshall", Barcelona
February 03-06, 2019
Website: Academia Marshall Barcelona
Application (please, write to Cintia):

International Master Class Bad Elster
February 25 - March 03, 2019
(only 8 candidates, incl. rehearsals and/or solo performance of Tchaikovsky's Rococo Variations with Chursächsiche Philharmonie)
Website: Chursächsische Meisterkurse

International Master Class "Forum Artium" Osnabrück

April 23-28, 2019
Website: Forum Artium
Application: click to view the application form

International Summer Class in Lenk/Simmental (Switzerland, close to Bern)
July 01-06, 2019
Flyer and Application: Lenk 2019

International Master Class "Musique á Flaine", France
August 17-30, 2019
Website: Musique á Flaine
Flyer: Musique á Flaine

"International Talent Music Summer Courses" in Brescia/Italy
September 23-28, 2019
(including rehearsal and/or performance of a major cello concerto with orchestra)
Website: Brescia Master classes and Festival